Introduction to Our Research Section



Educators at all levels are experiencing increasing need for research on effective classroom practices and instructional design. There is a body of research growing in education, due in part, to the increasing number of diverse learners entering the classroom today (Mertler, 2011).  This page offers teachers an opportunity to explore contemporary research on effective assessment practices dedicated to improving teacher performance and increasing student achievement.

 Marzano Research Laboratories: Research developed by Dr. Robert J.  Marzano. Located on this site you will find a list of instructional strategies that Marzano Research Laboratory has identified for meta-analysis research on formative and summative assessments. 

The Danielson Group:  Charlotte Danielson’s concepts in the educational community, enhancing professional practices of educators so as to positively impact student learning.

Ken O'Connor: a.k.a. The Grade Doctor, is an independent consultant who specializes in issues related to the communication of student achievement, especially grading and reporting. 

Douglas Reeves: Founder of the Leadership and Learning Center.  Reeves has been particularly instructive in the evaluation of the use of standards and assessment.

Examining Traditional Grading Practices: Very few topics have produced more debate among educators than those related to grading and reporting student achievement.  These policies and practices used in many schools today remain, for the most part, unchanged regardless of various appeals for change based on our ever-increasing knowledge of what works and what does not work in grading.  This paper examines why there is a consensus amongst leading educators to change traditional grading habits.