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A new website is now available to help educate students and their parents about safe uses of the Internet and the need for cyber safety.                   

The Florida Association of District School Superintendents has joined Attorney General Bill McCollum in promoting the  www.safeflorida.net/safesurf webpage to introduce all school age children to resources available to keep them safer while online.  The site includes links to age-appropriate websites, including games for elementary students, a place for teens to share their online experiences and information and tips to help parents learn the basic rules of Internet safety.


Internet Access Policies and Computer Code of Conduct Form



________________________ School is please to be able to offer a wide variety of technology and software programs. In order to insure that all members of the high school community benefit from this, certain rules and guidelines have been developed.


Access to the Internet at ______________ School affords students the benefit of expanding classroom learning dramatically by making available vast resources including original source material from all over the world. While the benefits of Internet use are enormous, parents need to be aware that there are areas of materials not appropriate for high school students. Although the _______________ School faculty and staff make every attempt to eliminate access to controversial material it is possible that your child may encounter such material. Guidelines covered in the Volusia County Student Code of Conduct govern all Internet use. Ultimately, parents/guardians are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their child should follow. To that end, ________________ School supports and respects families’ rights to decide whether or not their children should be permitted access to the Internet.


Having read the above on Internet access, I hereby GRANT my son/daughter access to the Internet at ___________School for educational purposes for the years that my child will be in attendance. I recognize that it is impossible to restrict access to all inappropriate material and will not hold New Smyrna Beach High School, The School Board of Volusia County, and its employees responsible.

Student Name (print): AID:

Parent/Guardian Signature Parent/Guardian Name (Please print) Date


As a school, we believe that students should receive public recognition of accomplishments. Of course, we are not always able to provide as much recognition as we would like; however, when the appropriate opportunity arises, we like to spotlight our students. Please sign the following permission slip to assist in our recognition program.

I, hereby assign all rights to the photographs, video and/or sound recording made of my student to the SCHOOL BOARD OF VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA, for the school years that he/she is in attendance. I hereby authorize the performance, display, and reproduction of pictures and sound contained in any production, without limitation as an educational resource, including publication of the school’s website. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs, sound track/video, or advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in conjunction therewith or to the eventual use that might be applied.

I agree that the producers, the SCHOOL BOARD OF VOLUSIA COUNTY, representatives, and assigns are released from any liability for claims arising out of the use of photographs, and/or sound recording in any production.

I also grant permission for my student‘s picture and positive information to be released to the news media.

Parent/Guardian Signature Parent/Guardian Name (Please print) Date


Often appropriate “PG-13” movies or sections of “PG-13” movies can be utilized effectively to enrich classroom instruction and accomplish identified objectives. Please sign below if you give permission for your child to view such materials as identified by the teacher as effective in teaching the curriculum. (NOTE: NO “R” rated movies will be shown.)

I grant permission for my child to view “PG-13 movies or sections of “PG-13” movies identified by the teacher as effective in teaching the curriculum. Parent/Guardian Signature Parent/Guardian Name (Please print) DateInternet Access & Computer Code of Conduct 7/07


Computer use is for educational purpose and is a privilege which can be suspended or revoked. Violation of the Computer Code of Conduct can result in disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from school. (See below)

1. Accessing (viewing and/or downloading) obscene, inappropriate, or unauthorized material, as defined by the student code of conduct may result in a failing grade and removal from the computer class/lab for the remainder of the school year. The student will be denied access to all computers at ____________School and will receive disciplinary action by the administration.

2. There will be no unauthorized accessing, copying, installing, or erasing of school-owned or licensed software or hardware. Any attempts to access any school management information system (including Technology Services) will be viewed as a security breach and will result in disciplinary action by the administration.

3. Under no circumstances will software or hardware be introduced or removed from a school’s computer without the teacher’s permission.

4. Using the Internet or software network tools to send unauthorized messages or read unauthorized email will result in disciplinary action by the administration.

5. Computers are not to be altered in any way including both software and hardware setting (examples: screen savers, background, menus, etc.). In addition, missing or misplaced components such as keys, wires, mouse parts, plugs, or other parts are considered acts of vandalism. Students should immediately notify the teacher or administration if there is a problem with their computer.

6. Access to the computer and Internet requires teacher and parent permission. Accessing any program on computers requires teacher permission.

7. Tampering with materials belonging to others will result in disciplinary action by the administration.

8. Cell Phones, I-Pods, CD Players, and other electronic devices may be used in the Courtyard, Hallways, and Cafeteria only. These electronic items will not be allowed for use in “ACADEMIC AREAS”: specifically ALL classrooms, the Media Center, the Auditorium, the Gym and all office areas except for educational purposes.

9. Copyright guidelines, terms, and conditions of school-owned or licensed software will be observed.

I have read and understand the above rules regarding computer usage at___________School.

Parent/Guardian Signature Parent/Guardian Name (Please print) Date

I agree to abide by all of the above school rules governing the student use of Internet access and computer usage.

Student Signature Student Name (Please print) Date