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I've been asked several times to include more resources for elementary school teachers. Here are some great resources presented at a curriculum meeting this past month.  These resources, available on the Florida Department of Education website, include Formative Assessment System Resources for Elementary Math: Each assessment includes general information and summary of lesson, related benchmarks, assessment task, and Task Rubric.  Let us know if you have used these assessments and if you have other resources to share with elementary school teachers. 

Here is the link.


Topics for Elementary Mathematics:

Kindergarten: 2-D Shape Sort,What's your number (assess to 10), What's your number (assess to 20), Fun with numbers.

First Grade: Inverse Operations with Manipulatives, Addition Strategies, Two Digit Numbers, Invented Strategies

Second Grade: Building Hundreds, What's the Function?, More than one way, Shopping with Bills.

Third Grade:  Place Value word problems, Polygon Challenge, Line It Up, Represent the Survey Data.


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